Salmon Fishing

Chinook Salmon

Vancouver Island is known worldwide for its fresh and saltwater fishing. It is also home to the “Salmon Capital of the World” so it’s no surprise that king fishing lies on our beautiful coast. Five salmon species can abundantly be found in our waters and they include sockeye, coho, chinook, pink, and chum.


Sockeye (Also known as Red or Blueback Salmon)

Weight: Average 5 to 15lbs
Length: Range from 24 to 33 inches in length
Description: Sockeye are blue tinged and silver in colour, with prominent glassy eyes and a moderately forked tail while living in the ocean. When they return to spawning grounds, their bodies become red and their heads turn green.

(Also known as Silver Salmon)

Weight: Average 7 to 20lbs
Length: Average 24 inches
Description: Coho Salmon are often fast and erratic, frequently leaping out of the water and putting up a fight. They are bright silver in colour with dark blue backs and scattered spots on their tails. Their mouths and gums are white, but their tongues are black, and they have sharp and strong teeth.

(Also known as King, Spring, or Tyee Salmon)

Weight: Average 10 to 50lbs
Length: Range from 24 to 36 inches
Description: The largest of all the salmon species, the Chinook is blue-green, red, or purple on the back and top of the head, with silvery sides. They have a black gum line and a v-shaped tail that is generally covered in spots.

(Also known as Humpback Salmon)

Weight: Average to 3.5 to 5lbs
Length: Range from 20 to 25 inches
Description: Smallest of all the salmon, the Pink Salmon is characterized by a white mouth with black gums and no teeth on the tongue. They have large oval shaped black spots on their backs, v-shaped tail, and an anal fin with 13-17 soft rays.

(Also known as Dog or Keta Salmon)

Weight: Average 9 to 22lbs
Length: Average 24 inches
Description: Chum Salmon are known for their aggressive tactics and the tough fight they put up in the ocean. They have large mouths and well developed teeth in both jaws. They have an ocean coloration of silver blue green with some indistinct spotting in a darker shade, a rather paler belly, and a white tip on the anal fin.
Our salmon fishing season generally runs from May to September, with peak season June and August.

Salmon trips start at $1000 per 8 hour day-trip for 3 people. Overnight trips are an extra $250 with included meals. Additional group members are extra.

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