Tuna Fishing


Albacore tuna are large and built for speed, reaching up to an impressive 80 kilometers per hour. They have a torpedo shaped body and long streamlined fins. This fish is characterized by two dorsal fins, one a dark yellow and the second a pale yellow. The elongated pectoral fins on each side of the body and the crescent shaped tail fin help generate the power to maintain the albacore tuna’s impressive speeds. The albacore tuna is a metallic dark blue dorsally, and shades of silvery-white along their sides and belly.

Typically, albacore tuna is fished at least 20 miles off shore due to their migration habits and their need for warm currents and water temperature. Albacore tuna never really rest; they must always be on the move because of their demand for constant oxygen. However, they are a schooling fish which can be up to an astonishing 30 kilometers wide, so once a school is located, the action is exciting! Albacore tuna only reach up to 85lbs in weight and between 30 and 50 inches in length, but they put up quite a fight for their size. They are an extremely powerful fish and quite fun to catch.

Tuna fishing season varies due to them following warm water currents. Generally though, their season runs from August and can go well into October and is best done out of Winter Harbour.


Off-shore Tuna fishing trips start at $1400 per 8 hour day-trip for 3 people. Overnight trips are an extra $250 with included meals. Additional group members are extra.

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