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Divers, the fun is back! Come and enjoy the Pelican Water Adventure.

The crew that operated the popular Lady Goodiver charters off Vancouver Island for almost a decade are back, offering the same great diving expertise and experience for both novice and experienced divers.

Now taking bookings is Cory Coates, the next generation of dive operators. His parents, Bill and Verleen Coates, operated the Lady Goodiver. Corey trained as a diver at 18 and served on the Lady Goodiver crew for eight years, guiding divers to the best cold water diving on the west coast.

First Class Experience – Economy Class Pricing

He’s outfitted a 34-foot dive boat, the Rusty Pelican, and is offering introductory ‘economy class’ diving for budget-minded divers who want to spent their dollars on the core diving experience, not on frills. For example, his day trip dive charters don’t include meals – but they do include a fully-equipped galley and an invitation for divers to bring or make their own.

An 8–hour day-long dive package starts at $800 and can include up to four divers plus up to three additional divers for $125 per person. An eighth diver can be included at no cost – making a Pelican charter a bargain for any group of divers. The number of dives during the day depends on the desires of the divers, their experience level, and weather conditions – but Cory anticipates a minimum of three different dives a day for most groups.

Cory also offers two-day, overnight dive trips for up to six divers. The Rusty Pelican can sleep six and is equipped with galley, head, and generator.

Cory’s decades of experience gives divers the best and safest diving on the west coast, an area widely recognized as one of the premier dive locations in the world. Although the colder waters mean a wetsuit is required, the often clear water, abundant sea life, fascinating formations, artificial reefs and shipwrecks make the west coast a diver’s paradise.

Potential Water Adventure dive trips include the following experiences:

In the clear waters off Port Hardy, you’ll discover the brilliant diversity of sea life found in the region.

Browning Wall, a sheer underwater cliff, is a hanging carpet woven of multi-hued anemones, sponges, soft corals, nudibranchs, urchins, crabs, starfish, bryozoans, and more.

Hunt Rock offers a similar display and the churning waters of Nakwakto Rapids are designed to challenge the most experienced of divers.

Cory also likes to take divers to the pristine wilderness coves beyond Cape Scott, at the northern tip of Vancouver Island.

In winter, visibility is excellent for diving in nature’s aquarium, Dodd Narrows, whose nutrient-rich narrow channel nurtures a rainbow-hued crop of sea anemone, aggregating anemone, sea stars, orange cup corals and more – plus Puget Sound king crab, rockfish, cod, salmon, the brilliant red Irish lords and sea lions.

Swimming beside the terraced wall of Mudge Island, with its sea life-covered face and overhangs, you might even encounter the occasional visiting six-gill, a large but non-aggressive shark.

Interested in shipwrecks? In Porlier Pass, between Valdes and Galiano Islands, Cory can guide divers to the Del Norte wreck, which sank in 1869 and lies at a depth of 12 to 25 meters. The wreck is now a heritage site.

The semi protected waters of Barkley Sound, off Port Alberni, are popular with divers seeking both marine life and shipwrecks.

Once dubbed the ‘graveyard of the Pacific’ this area contains up to 60 wrecks, spanning decades of marine traffic.

It is also heavily populated: colourful invertebrates, friendly wolf eels, octopus, linq cod, rat fish, rock fish, Irish lords and more can be seen at a variety of locations.

Artificial reefs abound in Nanaimo Harbour. The 360-foot naval destroyer HMCS Saskatchewan was sunk more than a decade ago, on June 14, 1997, and now teems with sea life.

The Cape Breton, a 442-foot World War II Victory class ship, was added on October 20, 2001, and is the second-largest artificial reef designed for recreational divers.

The RivTow Lion, a 157-foot rescue tub, was sunk on February 6, 2005, and is especially suitable for novice wreck dives. Depths of these artificial reefs range from 36 to 140 feet.

Safety First

The most enjoyable dives are safe dives. For novice divers, Cory’s decades of experience adds a layer of protection, since he will not allow divers to over-extend themselves.

“I can tell from their bubbles how experienced they are and what is safe for them to attempt.”

All divers must have valid certification for their dive level, whether it is beginner, open water, advanced, rescue, dive master, cave diving or ice diving.

When booking your dive, please indicate your certification level, experience and interests, so Cory can plan your perfect day of diving.

Certify and Dive Package

Want to dive but not certified? Pelican Charters’ learn-to-dive package gives you professional training by a certified PADI instructor, your open water certification, and a dive charter.

Your certify and dive package requires four to five days to complete and can include up to four people, making it an ideal option for an enjoyable and accomplishment-packed vacation.

For more information, contact Pelican Charters Ltd.