Wilderness Tours

Wilderness Tours, Whale Watching, and Magical Hot Springs!

The ‘Pelican Water Adventure‘ above the waves with the scenery and wildlife of Canada’s west coast is as enthralling as the sea life. The waters off Vancouver Island are home to a thriving population of whales and dolphins, making whale-watching a popular activity. The most commonly seen whales are the dramatically beautiful black and white orcas.

You can also see sea lions on the rocks, seals and otters gliding through the waves, eagles overhead and sometimes spot bears or deer on the shore. A boat is the best way to approach many of the area’s pristine, small islands or the picturesque floating communities. Much of the region has been permanently preserved as a marine park.

At Hot Springs Cove, located in Maquinna Provincial Park, you’ll discover a natural wonder: geothermal hot springs that cascade in a waterfall into six interconnected tidal pools and then into the sea.

As the hot water cascades down the pools, the water is gradually cooled by ocean swells. Hot Springs Cove is in Clayquot sound, approximately 27 nautical miles northwest of Tofino.

Diving/Tour rates are $1200 per day based on a group of 4 people. Add $200 for a 5th person, and the 6th is free. Overnight diving trips and tours add $250 per night.